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Person of Interest "Search And Destroy" Review - IGN

IGN: Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow...
Despite the fact that Reese and Finch probably should have immediately suspected Samaritan's invisible hand in the plot to dox and discredit an antivirus software genius' life and legacy, "Search and Destroy" was some damn fine POI.
Samaritan's ferocious foot soldiers came out to play toward the end, but before that, before everything spiraled into a massive shootout in the woods (complete with Root vs. Martine: Round 2!), Samaritan decided that it should be the one to take care of Khan (guest star Aasif Mandvi). By dissolving his life within a matter of hours and then cyber-routing him into Rikers Island for a quick, clean execution at the hands of a random incarcerated slimeball.

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WizzroSupreme2225d ago

Person of Interest went downhill about a season ago. Typical JJ Abrams syndrome.