Agents of SHIELD: ''Afterlife'' Review - IGN

IGN: Note: Full spoilers for the episode follow.
A lot continues to change on SHIELD, and I’m genuinely curious what the team dynamic will be like when this all plays out, which is a fun place for the show to be.
There was also some fun surprise returns in this episode, as Deathlok made his first Season 2 appearance – and looked way better, costume-wise, then when we last saw him. He may still not be where us comic fans want him, but the new costume is a big improvement over that clunky, plastic-looking getup her work in Season 1, that’s for sure. The reveal that he had been working for Coulson, tracking Hydra, was a cool one and hopefully he gets to really unleash in episodes to come (though his beat down of those SHIELD agents was pretty good!).

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