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TVF Grimm Season 4 Episode 16 Review: Heartbreaker

I know that I can't be the only one asking this question, but what the ever-loving goodness is wrong with Juliette!? Besides the whole obvious Hexenbiest thing, that is.

On Grimm Season 4 Episode 16, it's like she's completely lost her marbles. Not only did she totally walk into Renard's bedroom while he was still asleep and proceed to rant at him like everything was his fault, she also laughed in Nick's face when he tried to make things right with her.

I know things have been rough on her, to put it mildly, but that's just cold.

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alycakes2226d ago

I don't agree with this rating at all. It was a great episode but I guess you have to be a real fan of this type of stories to appreciate what's going on in the real lives of the main characters.