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The Returned "Victor" Review - IGN

IGN: Lock up those cats and keep your tongues firmly inside your mouths, because the fourth installment of this Les Revenants re-imagining (not that we're comparing here) took some pretty big turns in Monday night's "Victor" episode.
After three episodes of witnessing the child silently following Julie around, this week we dove 29 years into the past to a time when Victor actually spoke. It was clear the child has suffered some sort of emotional trauma right before his death, but to learn that he was shot in cold blood during a home invasion was a tough pill to swallow. In the present day that story twist explains his inability to talk, the immediate attachment to his "angel," Julie, and the pair of them acting so morose together all of the time. Thankfully Nikki's interference ensured that the duo could no longer be together going forward, which opens up both characters to more fleshed out stories in the weeks to come.

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