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Ryan Reynolds Explains The Hilarious R-Rating Announcement For Deadpool


In addition to some more great shots of Ryan Reynolds on set, a follow-up interview with Extra host Mario Lopez (aka Slater) has surfaced online as the two discuss their well-played April Fool's prank!

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Hroach6162227d ago

Am I the only person who feels like this is either going to be the best comic book movie in years. Or be the biggest let down in years?
I'm really pulling for the first one...

NecotheSergal2227d ago


Man that made my head jerk back, I did not see that coming. He does NOT look it.

freshslicepizza2227d ago

is that supposed to be funny?

NecotheSergal2226d ago

No? I'm genuinely surprised he's that old, you got a stick up your ass or something? Are all comments meant to be ambiguously funny?

alycakes2226d ago

Ryan Reynolds is 38 years old...where did you get 53? He was born in 1976, you do the math

NecotheSergal2226d ago

It's what he said in the video. I just took his word for it. lmao.

By all means, Keanu Reeves looks '38' but is infact 50 years old so I mean - it is possible to look 30's but be in your 50's. Didn't think Ryan Renolds was being sarcastic at the time of my first post which was at like 2-3 in the morning.