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The Walking Dead Comic Newbie: Part One – No Daryl in Sight

Stephanie Burdo from The Koalition writes:

"Years later, when The Walking Dead television series had finally aired, I immediately fell in love with the universe and wanted to read the comic books more than ever. Over the years, I attempted to catch up with everything I had missed but never could, partly because of the overwhelmingly large amount of content I would have to consume to do so. This last month, I decided to take on the challenge of reading the comics once again (this time digitally, through Comixology), and I am proud to say that the spark has been officially ignited and I am hopelessly hooked like a fish.

Although I may be a newcomer to The Walking Dead comics, I am particularly well versed in the actual show. As I experience each issue, I have decided to chronicle and define the significant comparisons and differences as they occur. Let’s start with the events of issues 1 through 24."

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SwiffEpics2225d ago

The comics look so much better than the TV show

HisRoyalFlyness2225d ago

This is a really cool format for catching up on comics

Romudeth2225d ago

I haven't read the comics in years so this is a great way to remember all of the changes the show made. The following parts of this series should be interesting as the show starts to heavily deviate from the comics during season 2 and onward.