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The Americans Season 3 Episode 10 Review: “Stingers” | TVOM

TVOM: "There are plenty of long-term investments The Americans has made with its characters, and the series has been careful to cash in on them sparingly. Two episodes ago, Martha found out that Clark had been lying to her, but she didn’t uncover all of the truth. With more of that emotional climax still to come, that episode somehow managed to build up the inevitable even more powerfully while also giving Martha a big moment for the season and shifting her character’s path and motivations. The business with Stan, of course, still looms heavily the more we see him become integrated into the Jennings family. If this season has been about any one of those investments, though, it has been the ever-growing Paige, years removed from being the slightly oblivious child that Henry still is. When people have secret identities in a television series, the story is bound to find different ways of having other people learn about those identities. And as the first truly big reveal for The Americans, Paige learning the truth–a much closer truth than Martha has–does not disappoint in the slightest."

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