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Survivor “The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight” Review (Season 30 Episode 6″ | TV Equals

TV Equals: "Survivor returned tonight with the “The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight”, as the very grumpy Rodney returns to his tribe in the Blue View cold open. I appreciated Mike at least being honest with him, saying that his close relationship with Joaquin is what got his buddy voted out. It did crack me up how quickly Rodney crumbled about his “bromance”, claiming that he really wasn’t that close to him at all. That he was “getting his Deniro on”, as it were. I don’t really buy that, but it doesn’t matter anymore. I think Rodney was really more mad with himself, as he knew he made his close relationship with Joaquin too public to the point where it looked threatening. Or maybe he’s not aware of that and he’s just as dumb as he look. It’s tough to tell."

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WizzroSupreme2228d ago

Rodney and Mike are the best villains I've seen on the series since Russell Hantz. They'll be keeping things interesting for quite a while, I hope.