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Top 8 Must Watch Western Movies of all The Time Few figures in history have had as powerful an impact on American masculinity as the cowboy. For over a century, the cowboy hats for better or for worse were a standard of rugged individualism and stoic bravery for the American male. The Western has been a popular genre of cinema since the very beginning of film, and successive generations of filmmakers have used the “Wild West” as a backdrop on which to explore the social issues of their respective eras.

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RetrospectRealm2226d ago

This is by no means an accurate list of the "Top" ones.

Once Upon A time In The West
For A Few Dollars More
A Fistful Of Dollars
Pale Rider
Django (Original)

are absolute MUST SEES.

Alxe2226d ago

Django (Original) and Once Upon A time In The West was cool and amazing

RetrospectRealm2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Yup. They've both got countless moments where you just grin and can't stop while thinking, "Wow. Now that is clever."

Alxe2226d ago

totally agreed with you.

alycakes2225d ago

Forgot The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, that is one of my all time favs but so is Once Upon a Time In the West and The Magnificent Seven.

RetrospectRealm2225d ago

Magnificent Seven and Good, Bad & Ugly were already on his list. That's why I didn't mention them.

Gilgamesh152226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

A little silly but a childhood favorite of mine that I find unique is "The Cowboys". Bruce Dern was simply amazing as the villain.

MoonConquistador2225d ago

With the few more modern westerns on the list, I can't believe 3:10 From Yuma isn't on there

MonChiChi2225d ago

3:10 remake was awesome. Being a huge man with no name fan I approve.

Patrick2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

My 3 family favorites, Silverado, The man from Snowy River and Return to Snowy River... Even to this day, I get on a horse and the theme song from the snowy river movies start playing in my head. lol

alycakes2225d ago

I loved the Snowy River movies but because of the horses....they were amazing and that's why I would recommend watching them.

SuicidalTendencies2225d ago

The remake of True Grit over the John Wayne original? Ridiculous! I stopped reading the article after that nonsense.

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