Here Comes SuperHeroHype’s Review of Marvel’s Daredevil


There’s a lot that Marvel Studios gets right when they make their movies. They’re very true to their characters, the plots hit the beats of big storylines, they’re visually interesting, and more importantly, they’ve made us believe all of these things share a continuity. But one thing that is easily found in the source material that we don’t see in the movies are the normal people, the neighborhoods, and the rest of the world. Enter “Marvel’s Daredevil,” the first of five planned Netflix shows, which provides the exact storytelling boost that the MCU needed.

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WizzroSupreme2123d ago

I'm probably gonna marathon all of this in a weekend as has been my bad habit as of late on Netflix. The hype is realer than I would've thought – there's a lot to live down, but a whole lot to win.