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IGN | The Flash: 'Tricksters' Review


This episode could have done nothing more than coast on the strength of Hamill's gleefully over-the-top Trickster and it still would have been a winner. Luckily, "Tricksters" was more ambitious than that. It had plenty of goofy moments, but also a fair amount of darkness. It was entertaining and dramatic in equal measure. And while the Wells conflict will continue to take precedent for the remainder of this season, let's hope this isn't the last we'll see of these two Tricksters.

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ironfist922232d ago

Truly a mind-blowing episode.

Might have to watch it again just to try and wrap my head around it all.

SantistaUSA2232d ago

great episode! Mark Hamill did an awesome job and nice touch when he said "I am your father" :D