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10 Reasons Why The Flash Could Ruin Arrow


Ever since the premiere of The CW’s Arrow in 2012, superheroes have been making their way back to primetime television in a big way. Banking on the wild success of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight film trilogy, the action series follows the story of vigilante Oliver Queen in his quest to retake his city from the criminal underworld using skills accumulated in a prolonged trial by fire. While the premise of a very human man in green leather terrorising the criminal elite of a major metropolitan area with a bow and arrow is somewhat far-fetched, Arrow has always been surprisingly grounded in reality. Headlined by hunky heavy-hitter Stephen Amell as Oliver, the show has carved itself a nice niche on network television.

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StarWarsFan2229d ago

I think Arrow needs to dial it down a notch. To many people in that secret lair of his.