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Fast And Furious 8 Confirmed For New York

During their coverage for Furious 7 Skewed and Reviewed got confirmation from a studio rep that Vin Diesel has said New York will be the setting for the new film with one of the new cast members already confirmed to be back.

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SavageKuma2228d ago

I am curious how they will do this in NY? not many good racing spots unless they go upstate.

Garethvk2227d ago

I have wondered that but Tokyo is also a packed city and they made one there.

SavageKuma2227d ago

but tokyo has a lot of places that are driftable. Many mountain tops. The city portion of the movie was just for show, but since it is a movie they will bring the fantasy into it.

hanaghansarah2227d ago

this will be one too far i think!

Garethvk2227d ago

They are going to make loads with 7 so Universal is not giving it up at all.