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The First Batman v Superman Trailer Is Attached to Mad Max: Fury Road


Ever since Warner Bros. announced its Man of Steel follow-up, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I’ve been waiting to see a trailer. Obviously those at Comic-Con last year got to see a tiny bit of footage from the film, but WB never officially released it, so most people have yet to see anything. Which brings me to today’s update.

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Crazay2234d ago

As if we didn't already have a good reason to see this movie, now there's a better one.

hanaghansarah2234d ago

Not hoping for much from Batman v Superman, but Mad max will be amazing.

Crazay2233d ago


Defectiv3_Detectiv32233d ago

BvS is love, BvS is life. What do you have against love Crazay?

Porcelain_Chicken2233d ago

I agree with this entire conversation.

MilkMan2233d ago

I'm a little fatigued about reading about BvS. Its been to long. The way Bond and Mission Impossible did it has been 100% better. Just a blackout, nothing...then a little something, then a trailer (At least for MI).
Not this every day something. Hell, even Mad Max was handled better than this.