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Batman vs. Robin Review [KKEnt]

Kuma wrote: I can imagine being a Father trying to teach their child how to be a better person is a struggle, especially when your child has already been taught a different path. Damien Wayne came to Bruce out of nowhere, but the biggest shock was finding out that he was his; however his upbringing under Ras Al Ghul brings complications to their relationship. There is a line that Batman/Bruce will not cross, but Damien as the new Robin is struggling to fight the choice between Justice and Vengeance.

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ironfist922229d ago

Is it better than Son of Batman?

SavageKuma2229d ago

No I found Son of Batman way better.

KingPin2229d ago

i would say its on the same level.

definitely worth a watch

ironfist922229d ago

So not as good? I didnt like SoB