Why I Hope Arrow Only Goes Five Years

With two and a half years gone through the series and flashback, and a five-year plan already set in place, I hope that for the good of the overall show, Arrow only goes another two and a half years.

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-Foxtrot2068d ago

Then they can reboot it in a few years with a proper Green Arrow series more like the comics....without the Nolan vibe.

ironfist922067d ago

They could always do a 5 year flash forward, and have the show set 5 years into the future with a properly established GA, then do flashbacks to the time between the last episode of season 5 to the first episode of the newer timeline.

Could also bring in Connor Hawke, or have Oliver give the mantle to Roy

hanaghansarah2067d ago

i'm confused, it's been going 2.5 years already.