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Marvel Polling Fans On Which Avengers: Age Of Ultron IMAX Poster To Use

NerdSpan: Marvel Studios is asking fans to vote on which Avengers: Age of Ultron IMAX poster to use for its theatrical showing.

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Spiewie 2228d ago

Quite cool that they want the fans to have this rather small yet meaningful choice.

dota2champion2228d ago

All those posters are horrible.

RetrospectRealm2228d ago

Last Hope and Unite are actually pretty tight. The others looks like something amateur I'd see on Deviantart.

acemonkey2227d ago

last hope looks the best out of all of them

KingPin2227d ago

spends millions on a movie, cant make decent movie poster.

for those that disagree with me, marvels comic book covers look better than this shit. look into it.

acemonkey2227d ago

trailer at comic con was bad ass. the one they put out later on was okay just tab bit over. and these are for imax theaters i dont have any around me lol. but yes they could have done better but their okay and on that note we have a month until we can see it

RetrospectRealm2227d ago

Not sure if you're implying Marvel's badass comic book covers also look bad?

KingPin2227d ago

no i am not. marvel comic book covers look like they put effort into it.

this looks like some dude realised the deadline was the next day and did some last minute work with a hangover.