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Why Hannibal Is the Best Show on Television

TVOM: "People often call the modern era of television the “Second Golden Age of TV.” After the revolutions of early television (the first “Golden Age”), the medium slumped for a few decades with few shows that would eventually be called “classics.” Within the past decade or so, however, television has once again returned to a place of prominence, often being compared favorably to the quality of the most respected films of the day."

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Spiewie 2237d ago

It is a show that a lot of people recommended but I never got around to it. Might start now since it is easter haha.

alycakes2237d ago

It's good and very weird and creepy but it's far from being the best show on tv.

Spiewie 2237d ago

What is the best show on television in your opinion?

alycakes2237d ago

I have a lot of shows that I just like a lot. The Blacklist is one of them. The Walking Dead,Marvel Agents of Sheild, Arrow, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Big Bang Theory, many. Don't like the ones that are like soap operas like Mad Men.