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Video Games That Should Be Movies

From Cinelinx:

Annoyed by the poor quality of existing video game movies, we decided to take the matter into our own hands and come up with our own ideas. This is a list of what we came up with.

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Spiewie 2232d ago

GTA 5 would be interesting or any of the batman games.

dota2champion2232d ago

Horrible horrible horrible list. They don't need to make a Starwars film base off of a game. A movie they should make is the last of us, but i think it's more suitable as a tv series, tho

KingPin2232d ago

last of us tv thanks.
after one season it will be boring as hell.
go watch walking dead, you'll see what i mean.

last of us movie, no thanks. moving the story from video game to movie wont have the same effect. you wont relate to the characters the same.

if you want to experience the last of us, play the game.