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Spectre: 5 Things The New James Bond Trailer Got Wrong


Get your acronyms, jumpsuits and Illuminati parallels at the ready – Spectre’s coming.

After the still-confusing Quantum Of Solace and hitherto-unknown Skyfall, the name of the twenty-fourth Bond movie promises something concrete. Named after the criminal syndicate from the Sean Connery-era movies (and Ian Fleming’s original novels), the title’s created even more speculation for what was already one of the most anticipated, but also most risky, movies of the year.

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Chapter112233d ago

I'm tired of this angsty, boring James Bond. Bring on Idris Elba and bring back the fun, over the top action please.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32233d ago

Skyfall is thought of by many diehard Bond fans as one of the best films in the series. Casino Royale isn't too shabby either. I would take them any day over the campy Peirce Brosnan era films.

coolbeans2232d ago

I thought Skyfall and Casino Royale are among some of the best Bond films.

coolbeans2232d ago

Some of these are such minor quibbles to have.