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A Super Zero Becomes a Super Hero in This Epic Win of a Zombie Short

Posted on Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick's a fresh take on a Sci-Fi Zombie short made by and for for members of the nerd community.

In this terrifically cool epic win take on the zombie apocalypse, the short opens with some exposition by main character Josh Hershberg. The discovery of water on Mars has the world excited about the possibilities for the future of humanity on the same day Josh, played by actor Umberto Celisano, learns he’s been diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.

This happens exactly as news breaks, including a cameo of NASA JPL’s own Bobak Ferdowsi, that a returning exploratory Mars mission has crash landed near his home.

Cut to a month later where the world has apparently been decimated by the “Borealis Pathogenic Virus,” Suddenly put to the test, Josh has to learn if he really does have what it takes in the zombie apocalypse.

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SinemaNews2228d ago

I've seen this video. Its pretty damn good.

Spiewie 2227d ago

Ahh the sound did not work on my phone looks ok though. Going to find it later.