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IGN | The Last Man On Earth Review: 'She Drives Me Crazy' Review


The Last Man on Earth remains amusing in its off-kilter way, and Forte is a comedic mastermind. But the show feels like its narrative is stuck in neutral at this point.

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alycakes2230d ago

I haven't seen this yet and from the few clips I've seen it hasn't given me any reason to yet.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32230d ago

First couple of eps were brilliant, but recently it has fallen into routine sitcom territory

SantistaUSA2230d ago

first couple of episodes were awesome, but I lost all interest after the 3rd.

dota2champion2230d ago

Phil is a disgusting character. He was alright in the earlier episode, but ever since Melissa was introduce to the show, he became a creeper. I rather spend my entire day with Todd than with Phil. Another thing, is the entire series going to focus about sex and repopulating?