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The Walking Dead "Conquer" Review | Zero Limit

"ZL: In my review for “Forget“ I expressed some concern over what was going to happen with Morgan. For whatever the reason might be—possibly because he was one of the first people we met in the series—there’s a strong appeal to him, and his apparent redemption from craziness seems to have made him all the more awesome of a character."

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Garethvk2239d ago

I was so bored with this episode.

alycakes2239d ago

Why? I still want to know about the guys with the walker in the trucks and who is the one that was looking at pictures of Rick and Carl? Who was he?

DEATHxTHExKIDx2239d ago

The wolves that Morgan put in a car in the beginning of the episode were the same two at the end. I expect Season 6 to start off VERY strong like season 5.

Garethvk2239d ago

Just getting tired of all the same conversation and inner drama. Not much really happened. 90 min to tell 30 min of content.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2239d ago

Best season thus far. One of the best finales as well.

Soldierone2239d ago

Honestly felt the finale was lacking. I'm a big fan, but that episode should have been last weeks, then the fallout should be the finale.

Instead the fallout will be the first two episode next season as the writer need to draw everything out....

Carol's scene with that douche, not needed. Sasha's scene, weird, yet drawn out and awkward. Then they go and open up the Wolves thing and randomly cut to it all the time. Everything else lacked closure. Why are the writers so afraid of killing characters that offer nothing to the show at all? One more scene of the priest crying and walking up to walkers and I'll go insane....

Instead they could have focused more on Glen and Ricks battle, or open up Sasha more. Instead they focused on the boring political side of things and ran out of time to actually make it worthwhile.

dota2champion2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

"Why are the writers so afraid of killing characters that offer nothing to the show at all?"
They need some characters for next season to kill off.

Soldierone2238d ago

They have plenty to choose from still. They build and build that these useless characters are finally gone, then nope, they hang around.

They have what 15-20 characters right now all begging for screen time? Hard to develop them all within an hour, and honestly characters like the priest are dead ends already. Watch him magically turn into a "bada--" just before he dies, that's how their writing style is.

Again, not saying this episode was terrible, just saying it felt lacking. It felt like it ended before giving us any closure to anything.

crazychris41242239d ago

It was good but could have been better. More zombies should have gotten through and interrupted the meeting. Rick and the gang saving the day would have been better than just Rick dropping a zombie body. Could have still done the scene with the husband after the battle.