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Must See Films for April 2015

Richard of writes "Okay, so far this year has been kind of a letdown for movies. I think that I have only truly enjoyed one film the entire year so far: Kingsman: The Secret Service. I still have yet to see Cinderella or The Gunman, but I have heard great things about Cinderella and nothing but bad things about The Gunman… which at this point does not surprise me. All I know is that so far 2015 has started out as a real crappy movie year. January, February and March have all been hugely disappointing at the box office, but I am hoping that now that April rolls around, and gets started off with a huge box office powerhouse franchise leading the way, that business is about to pick up. So let’s take a look at the three (Yes, only three.) films in April that I am anticipating to see at the theater."

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