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London Has Fallen (2015) Set Pics Show Aaron Eckhart Survey Bullet Riddle Mayhem

Here are some new exclusive pictures from the set of London Has Fallen, which is being filmed right now in Bulgaria. You can see some bullet riddled mayhem going on right there. Aaron Eckhart’s POTUS observes the scene. The scenes include chasing between motormen and a jeep with a lot of fire.

Gerard Butler, Angela Bassett and Aaron Eckhart too, arrived on the ground a while back. They’re filming action scenes for a full month. So their work there is going to be all business.

Also since we’re running an exclusive here, Scott Adkins recently began filming at Dolna Malina studios for Jarhead 3, cast alongside him is Dennis Haysbert...

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WizzroSupreme2439d ago

London Bridge falling down is gonna look so awesome if they show this in IMAX.

hazelamy2439d ago

it's set in London, so they film it in Bulgaria? o_O

i missed the first one, i have to watch it some time.

alycakes2437d ago

The first one was awesome.