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8 Best Animated Movies of All The Time Sometimes the most stunning images are manmade. Animation certainly has come a long, long way since Walt Disney crafted his first, hand-drawn rodent. While the genre was primarily focused on ‘cartoons for kids’ in its infancy, it has since grown into a multi-million dollar behemoth, providing entertainment for people of all ages and tastes.

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WizzroSupreme2234d ago

Up's first ten minutes is probably the best short-film I've ever seen.

level 3602234d ago

Book of Life ( also in 3D ) I think we'll get to see mentioned soon enough.

The story and character design is simply spectacular! Everything about this film just comes from the heart.

dota2champion2234d ago

From that list, Wall-E is the only film that I like

Alxe2234d ago

Wall-E was cool and Up also good 1

christian hour2234d ago

I was worried going in wall-e wouldnt get a mention, delighted to see it at number one. I don't think many people fully appreciated or even realised what was achieved with that film. Only animation i've ever seen that looked like it was shot on film, they really nailed the optics of a camera lens.

They do so much with so little dialogue in that first half, the latter part somewhat pales in comparison because of this I feel.

Other films I feel should have been here or at least honorable mentions would be

Ponyo, the hand drawn animation of the water is unrivaled by any film before or since, just incredible eye for detail. Not to continue to toot the ghibli horn but Grave of the Fireflies is also another incredible movie, better than totoro and spirited away (the two you hear people mention the most when discussingstudio ghibli). The Wind rises is another masterpeice simply for how wind and motion is animated, and the sound design by having all the sinister sounds done with human voices (a ghibli staple but perfected in this I feel).

Another great animated movie, max and mary (or is it mary and max), an australian claymation movie using sepia tone and black and white for its two locations.

@level360 I heard great things about Book of Life and was looking forward to it but I honestly didn't understand the appeal, I think the inclussion of pop songs really pulled me out of the universe.

Delighted to see Frozen wasnt included, uninspired music and standard cg animation, do not understand how its so popular among all ages.

Not sure how or why incredibles was on this list, its an enjoyable film but doesnt deserve a spot in a top whatever list, especially a number 3 spot. Seems like the writer of this article has gorged on pixar primarily.

No Persepolis? Really?! Beautifully captures everythign set forth in the graphic novel its based on.

Waht about waking life? (I know it was rotoscoped, but still!)

This list really does read like "My favourite pixar films, and then some films I heard people mention once and I did a quick wiki search on the synopsis and some production details"

I can think of a whole lot more that belong on this list, wall-e is really the only pixar film that belongs here.

Fantatic Mr Fox?

Tokyo Godfathers?(Rip Satoshi Kon)

I'm going to stop now before more spring to mind and I'm already feeling guilty about not mentioning some I might have forgotten about.

Stringerbell2234d ago

Some glaring Omissions imho:

Toy Story, Spirited Away, The Iron Giant, Mask of the Phantasm.

Genki2234d ago

I wouldn't call the last two 'glaring' omissions, but they are good movies. Just not among my favorites.

cell9892234d ago

All those should definitely be on the list I'd put Toy Story over Finding Nemo

Inzo2234d ago

The greatest Animation of all-time ends up at #5? Really? just to be beaten by good rather than great(never to be classics) movies? Really?

christian hour2234d ago

You mean Hamlet with animals? Hardly the greatest, though it's definitely better than the incredibles by a LONG shot. Personally I wouldn't consider the lion king the greatest animation of all time, there were films out a decade before it with better and more groundbreaking animation and original, better written stories, and there have been dozens since.

Of course it's all subjective and down to personal taste so I don't even know why I'm arguing with you, I think I'm just an idiot :) To each their own ;)

Inzo2233d ago

And there will be dozens more and the Lion King will still be the greatest Animation of all time.