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Helix “Plan B” Review (Season 2 Episode 11) - TV Equals

TV Equals: It pains me to say this, but Helix has jumped the shark. I don’t know what happened to the cool, stylized, clever show from season 1. This season has been a complete mess. I had hopes that it would pull out of the death spiral, and it seems highly unlikely that’s going to happen.

This week, the Peter and Anne freak show continued. Anne decided to mold Peter into the new Michael because, as Amy explains, she needs someone to worship. We start with Peter cooing over the basement baby and getting excited when he thinks it smiled at him. From there, he decides to commit mass murder. This shift in Peter—CDC scientist to cult leader—gave me whiplash. Where did this come from? Peter survived Narvik without going crazy, but now he’s lost it because Sarah hurt his feelings? This all just makes no sense. If this was going to be his path, he should’ve been straight up evil from the beginning.

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