What if The Walking Dead Had an 8-Bit Game?

Retro Gaming Magazine's Carl Williams writes, "The Walking Dead has, no doubt, been a huge success for A&E, a surprise series considering the content this cable network usually releases. Zombies were here to stay and the amount of support that A&E put behind The Walking Dead was obvious. From the first episode that, for many viewers, went too far to the storylines they covered later, A&E were nearly betting the farm on this franchise. What is interesting is that The Walking Dead was originally a comic book series. For a lot of viewers, that is probably news. Now, thanks to CineFix we can see what The Walking Dead would possibly look like had it been released for 8-Bit platforms such as the Nintendo Entertainment System or Sega Master System or Commodore 64 gaming computer."

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triverse2227d ago

I would too. I wish they would make this an actual game, flesh it out a bit more and run with it.