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Hiro Returns For Heroes Reborn

DeAno Jackson writes: "I knew that NBC was bringing Heroes back for a 13 episode miniseries this fall, but I really didn’t care too much. The first season of the original show was great, but the next two were spotty at best and a trainwreck at worst. The fourth season brought things up a bit (mostly due to Robert Knepper’s part in it), but it was too little, too late. Now for Heroes Reborn, they had Jack Coleman back playing Noah Bennet from the original run of the show, and then they had a bunch of new people like Zachary Levi, Kiki Sukezane, Gatlin Green, and a bunch of other people. Meh. At least, until this."

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-EvoAnubis-2233d ago

The source of this story was the Heroes Facebook Page, not Hollywood Reporter.

Aldous_Snow2231d ago

Not holding much hope for this. Hope Im wrong. Loved it before they axed it.

Always thought the last season was the worse. They turned Sylar into a pussy. And alot of people hated season 3. I thought it was great. Arthur Petrelli was a badass but "died" in a shitty way.

I'll still give it a go though.

Anthotis2231d ago

They just need to recapture what made the first season great.

Hopefully, Hiro will be less beta this time around, and be more like that Future Hiro we saw.

Aldous_Snow2231d ago

I kind of liked the speccy dopey scared of everything Hiro. Its what made him loveable. Ando on the other hand, I hope he doesnt return.

kingPoS2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I liked the beginning of the second season, it's just too bad it got mangled from a writers strike. At the end of it, they basically just left Caitlin stuck in a future and forgot about her.

jeromeface2231d ago

Not seeing Hiro develop into future Hiro I thought was one of the biggest disappointments from the original run. I'm aware this growth would have taken multiple seasons.

jeromeface2231d ago

Sign the Cheerleader... save the IP

-EvoAnubis-2225d ago

*laughs* Yeah, basically.

WizzroSupreme2231d ago

Hiro's the man. And Heroes is just so awesome, I'm glad it's coming back. But bring back Eccelston!

-EvoAnubis-2231d ago

I'm just hoping it doesn't suck.

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