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TWD Spinoff Has a Name

EB: "Well, there it is. Per Robert Kirkman’s Twitter, the spinoff for the hit show The Walking Dead will be called Fear The Walking Dead. Kirkman, who created TWD comics, let news fly after a spinoff became known weeks ago, and is slated to premiere this summer on AMC."

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ironfist922233d ago

The Walking Drama (With The Occasional Zombie Or Two)?

RetrospectRealm2232d ago

That's funny cause in the earlier seasons there were zombies everywhere. Did you start watching late?

KingPin2232d ago

people still watch this?

dota2champion2232d ago

The new season is pretty good compared to season 2 and 3. Anyways, the title of the spin-off is pretty bad, they should of just called it Walking Dead: Lost Angeles. I just hope this new spin-off will have some good character development.