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Walking Dead Star Steven Yeun Previews The Season Finale

EW: It’s been quite a journey for Glenn Rhee over five seasons on The Walking Dead. The character has gone from scrappy pizza delivery guy to romantic figure to, most recently, a full-fledged leader. The character’s evolution also mirrors that of the man who plays him, Steven Yeun. As one of just five original cast members still on the show, the 31-year-old now serves as one of the elder statesmen on set. We spoke with Yeun to get his take on Glenn’s recent dramatic developments, as well as what’s to come in the March 29 finale.

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Aldous_Snow2237d ago

Cannot wait until Negan plants his bat in the back of Glens head. His death is long overdue.

Then Maggie can give me all of her attention... maybe

WizzroSupreme2236d ago

This is so awesome. Steven Yeun's the best!