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First Look at Deadpool Suit

Nick Hershey of EB writes: "Earlier today, Ryan Reynolds released the first full body look at Deadpool in a pose that is sure to have all the women cooing"

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Porcelain_Chicken2241d ago

That looks pretty badass lol! Classic Deadpool.

snowbearder2241d ago

Yeah it looks so good. Can't wait for the film!

hazelamy2241d ago

however the movie ends up, nobody will be able to complain about the costume.

though i'm sure somebody will pick out the most minute detail to condemn it.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2240d ago

Would be nitpicking at it's finest!

aCasualGamer2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Guess i'm nitpicking because there are some really awful design choices here on the suit.

Some critique:

The mech style design from the knees and downwards.

Mask with the vertical stripes.

Material in the red part of the suit.

Small feet. Where are the black boots?

Anthotis2241d ago


MCU takes another dump on DCCU

Hroach6162240d ago

It's, technically, not MCU. Fox has deadpool. So XMU(xmenuniverse) I guess. But agreed this suit is spot on perfect. How they made his suit look faithful to the comics and not have it look like cosplay is beyond me. Very stoked on the white eyes!! And he even has his little deadpool logo belt buckle lol awesome in every way

-Foxtrot2241d ago

One of the best costumes I've seen for a Superhero's just like the comics.

Will this ignore the X-men films though? Like will they be seperate universes because I really don't think Deadpool will fit into the X-men films they've done. May aswell make two universe, one serious, the other more light hearted.

Hroach6162240d ago

I think they will keep it in the same universe as xmen and fantastic four. If FF is in the same world as xmen but that remains to be seen. But there is too much value in keeping Deadpool in that world. Crossovers and cameos do big now. People love em. It's easy money for Fox. But the real question is do we want them to be in the same world? I can see merits for both.

But think how epic a Wolverine/Deadpool movie would be! Come on, just for that possibility alone I would share that universe.

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