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Film Review: The Riot Club | Cinematically Enigmatic

CE: Adapted from British playwright Laura Wade's 2010 play "Posh," The Riot Club spins a cautionary tale about the dangers of indulging in excess, telling the story of an elite group of spoiled-rotten Oxford University students who let their debaucherous ways get the better of them. Much like her 2009 film, An Education, director Lone Scherfig infuses the narrative with discussions about politics and class warfare. Ultimately, however, neither that nor the film's condemnation of its characters' bad behavior ever really pays off. With a cast that includes Sam Clafin, Max Irons, Jessica Findlay Brown and Natalie Dormer, The Riot Club may be well-acted, but in the end, it's more style than substance. For though it succeeds at getting across its core message — that power corrupts — when it comes to telling audiences something they don't already know, The Riot Club isn't all that educational.

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