8 Awesome But Underrated Movies of Last Year One of the most disappointing realities about 2014 was that as box office shrank compared to last year, independent films were often hit the hardest. TV MAY BE in the middle of a golden era, but that’s no excuse for you to skip out on the best movies of the year. From inventive comedies to heart-racing action flicks, superbly affecting documentaries, daring foreign films and everything in-between, this diverse list covers just about every type of film there is, and more to the point, each is a small film that could absolutely do with the added exposure.

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boing12234d ago

I concur. Cool flick.

ironfist922233d ago

Felt like a throwback to the intense 80's action revenge flicks.

thereapersson2233d ago

And it even had the graphic novel style going for it, which is a definite plus.

annoyedgamer2234d ago

Another of these artificially heated stories?

Genki2234d ago

I don't understand how John Wick is considered underrated. That movie received acclaim across the board.

Pogmathoin2233d ago

John Wick was awesome, surprised my wife too, shes not an action flick girl.... Noah was terrible, much like Exodus.... Biblical movies are not done well these days...

DivineHand1252233d ago

I'm confused how John wick is on this list and The Equalizer isn't. I personally enjoyed the Equalizer more than John Wick but sadly at the end of the year very few people were talking about The Equalizer while the majority were giving John Wick nothing but praise. Is it because the Equalizer had a black actor as the lead?

John Wick even made most peoples best of 2014 movie list so why is it even in this list.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

No, it's because the Equalizer was a terrible movie. I thought John Wick had a hell of a lot more going on for it. The action choreography was better, as were the stunts (especially the driving).

They both rely heavily on the Taken formula, but John Wick actually has fun with it instead of taking itself too seriously like the Equalizer.

level 3602233d ago

1. John Wick
2. The Equalizer
3. The November Man
4. Robocop - ( very underrated - with a very good original take ).

TheSaint2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Robocop was terrible IMO, they needed to stay truer to the source material.

*Slight spoilers ahead*

Having him be self aware right from the get go was dumb IMO.

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