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A Star Wars Book Character is Jumping From Page to Screen

From Cinelinx:

The Lucasfilm story group is hard at work keeping all elements of the new Star Wars properties in line as the franchise moves forward. While we've only seen snippets so far of their plans, the galaxy far, far away will soon be a lot more connected. As part of this, it sounds like one of the new book characters will be jumping from page to screen.

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Stringerbell2234d ago

Still kinda upset how Thrawn has basically been disavowed in the Star Wars Universe. Such a cool character that I think would have transitioned to the big screen rather well.

hazelamy2234d ago

there's so many awesome characters lost in the disavowing of the expanded universe, the Solo kids, though i expect Han and Leia will still have kids in the new movie.
there was a jedi called Corran something i think.
and a personal fave of mine, Mara Jade.

ex assasin, who tried to kill Luke, then ended up marrying him.

i think if there were two characters i'd like to see become part of the new canon, they are Thrawn and Mara.

coolbeans2232d ago

I think it's more appropriate to say his specific, pre-Disney story has been disavowed instead the character altogether.

I recently heard an old Imperial character from Star Wars: Droids made it into the new SW Tarkin book. Same character...just now officially placed in the new canon under different circumstances.

hazelamy2234d ago

certain heads are going to explode when they hear there's a possibility of a gay character in a Star Wars movie.