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Survivor “Odd Woman Out” Review (Season 30 Episode 6) | TV Equals

TV Equals: "Survivor returned tonight with “Odd Woman Out”, and we get right into it seeing the morning after Max’s blindside. We’ve foregone the usual “blue view” many times this season, and that was the case tonight. While I miss the tradition of the grainy night vision, I do enjoy the pretty HD colors that come with the daylight. Anyway, Shirin shared her sob story about growing up in a privileged OC neighborhood and complains about trying to get the popular pretty girls to like her. I have a hard time feeling bad for her, though. Not only because she admitted to living a life of privilege, but also because I truly believe that she’s a smart person that seems to refuse to pick up on any social cues. I just can’t believe that a successful person in corporate America would have that few social graces."

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