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Why Are Batman And Superman Fighting In Batman v Superman?


We're a year out from the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice* and to celebrate - and to get people theorizing and guessing and wondering - I wanted to share a tidbit about the movie, and about why it's a 'versus' film in the first place.

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hazelamy2238d ago

it's like a law or something, it's a superhero team up, they've got to fight when they first meet.

ironfist922238d ago

Except the Dark Knight Returns fight is supposed to happen after years of service within the Justice League, not when they first meet

Look at Avengers, when Thor and Captain America fought

that was a brief plot for about 2 minutes, not the whole story revolving around it.

deadpoolio3162238d ago

Except The Dark Knight Returns is not considered cannon to the Batman universe...Its considered an elseworlds story

acemonkey2238d ago

they need some reason to get together. or WB need a way to start and DCU. the comic they fought due to alot of things superman has done and now works for the goverment (president really)

@ avengers fought, they have fought in the comics and in the movie. Hulk was always a lose cannon and fight and hulk out but in the movie they ironman fought thor i wouldnt really call cap fought thor, he throw a shield at him and ironman to stop the fight and then throw hit caps shield and they all got knocked down but it wasnt nothing like a fight between them

gangsta_red2238d ago

I suspect there will be some sort of mind control type plot and Superman looses control and only Batman can take him down.

SilentNegotiator2237d ago

That would be a really weak/dishonest title for that.

gangsta_red2237d ago

I'm sure there not going for Shakespeare with the plot. Almost every time in the comic and cartoon that Batman has to fight Superman it's because Superman loses control or is mind controlled.

Pillsbury12238d ago

Wasn't this revealed in the leaked synopse? Batman is not sure whether this alien is here to save us or destroy us with his vast power.

aDDicteD2238d ago

they should have just made it a straightforward justice league movie, but of course a film entitled batman vs superman will credit a lot of hype, i hope the fight itself will be as worth as the hype and will be at par as there fight in the dark knight returns.

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