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Is This A Bold New Beginning For Lex Luthor?

WOW247: "Gleaming like the Kryptonian sun is the hairless head of Jesse Eisenberg, in a first look at his Lex Luthor character in the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

"Although the picture doesn’t give too much away (other than Eisenberg’s glistening bonce), we can assume that Batman vs Superman‘s iteration of Lex may be quite different to the one we’ve seen in previous Superman outings."

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Hroach6162236d ago

I can picture him doing a good job. And I don't picture his mark z lex Luther everyone's worried about. If he plays him closer to the DC animated universe lex Luther he can pull it off. The super intelligent, confident genius who built himself up from nothing. That seems to be an angle we have heard about.