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Pretty Little Liars “Welcome to the Dollhouse” Review (Season 5 Episode 25) | TV Equals

TV Equals: "Where to begin? In a show that has contained everything from a creepy blind girl playing a flute under cover of darkness to freaky dolls dressed as the main characters, bizarre coded messages, a terror train, a spooky circus, secret rooms in an insane asylum, and an entire town that seems to be stuck in another era altogether where everyone dresses in period costume and graveyards contain secret passages to a seemingly haunted mansion, the “Pretty Little Liars” season finale was next-level bat-sh*t cray-cray and then some. In “Welcome to the Dollhouse,” we finally met “A”- if not quite face-to-face- and what we saw made Mona’s brand of “hyper-reality” look sane by comparison, and that’s saying something."

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