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The Walking Dead Predictions: Who’s Going To Die In The Finale?

Overmental: The Walking Dead‘s penultimate episode, “Try“, is now in the books and it was a doozy. It was easily one of the most intense episodes of the entire season and served as a great build-up to the 90 minute Season 5 finale next Sunday. Given how much crap just hit the fan and how much additional time The Walking Dead is going to have to work with, I can’t imagine “Conquer” going down without somebody taking a dirt nap.Of course, there is a lot more to The Walking Dead than just people dying but one of the central themes of Season 5 has been the immense amount of loss that Rick’s group of survivors has suffered and I don’t think they’re out of the woods just yet.

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dota2champion2236d ago

Anyone who isn't part of Rick group will die, and probably the priest.

Soldierone2236d ago

Hopefully the useless priest is a given.

Then the shocker will probably be Sasha or Glen. Being they've been focusing on both of them lately and that's always what happens.