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Bates Motel “Persuasion” Review (Season 3 Episode 3) | TV Equals

TV Equals: "There was some speculation among Bates Motel fans that the body floating in the water at the end of last week’s episode was not Annika, but that seemed ridiculous to me. Who else would it have been? Well, apparently their suspicions were correct, as this week’s installment “Persuasion” began with the reveal that the dead girl in the water was not Annika. So we still didn’t know where Annika is, and we didn’t have confirmation that she’s actually dead, so we know that there must be some kind of interesting reveal as to what’s going on with Annika. If it was simply a matter of her being killed by Norman and dumped in a ditch, surely we must have seen that by now. We’ll get more on that later!"

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