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Cinderella Review – Keeping it Classic (NuzCo)

Cinderella is one of the most classic beloved fairy tells of all time. As we know, Disney has a way of making things magic and the recent release of Cinderella is truly no different. This classic tale has turned live action in one of the most beautiful displays even seen in a film.

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TheSuperior 2240d ago

Thought this movie was beautiful. truly a film that could be described in one word.

Soldierone2240d ago

To people that have seen it.

Is it your typical Cinderella movie? My girlfriend loves Cinderella, but she keeps pushing it aside and finally told me "It's Cinderella, that stories been told 100 times and it gets old." So I'm just curious, is there some slight twist to it that I could sell to her to get her to want to see it?

(I need to get to a movie she likes so I can drag her to Star Wars later :P haha)