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Marvel Auditioned 16 Year Old Mateus Ward For Spider-Man


If Spider-Man is going to turn up in Captain America: CIvil War, Marvel needs to cast him ASAP - the movie shoots in two weeks. Even if the part is basically a cameo (which I suspect it is), they're going to want to have their player in place, and with a multi-film, ironclad contract.

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-Foxtrot2237d ago

Another baby faced actor

For god sake Sony/Marvel cast someone who actually would look like a social outcast

Is it that hard to get an actor who looks older for what they actually are.

If you picture someone like him alongside the Avengers (despite the mask) it looks ridiculous.

Soldierone2236d ago

Why is it there are plenty of great ideas from fans on who to choose that are nearly perfect, yet Sony/Marvel seem content on ignoring all those and finding the most Justin Bieber like person out there and rumor them instead?

Honestly every single one they went after so far has been terrible.

annoyedgamer2236d ago

Because the female audience is where the money is at that's why.

dota2champion2236d ago

They better hurry and get someone. Filming for Civil War starts in April.

aDDicteD2234d ago

he looks to young to play the part. so far both spidermans that were casted in the past did well, tobey maguire and andrew garfield played the part differently but both work, i hope they can find an actor that can play a spiderman that plays a good spiderman and peter parker as well.

because civil war is starting to shoot they are looking for a spiderman urgently so he can play a part but i fear that because they are in a hurry they might make a mistake in their casting choice and that would be a shame because both spidermans in the past were good in the part.