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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Full Trailer Released

From Cinelinx:

Over the weekend, the latest Mission: Impossible film got a brand new title and a minute long trailer. While that quick teaser was awesome in its own right, the full length trailer has just released and manages to step things up even higher.

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alycakes2241d ago

I liked the one I saw on tv last night. I think it's going to be really good.

SouthClaw2241d ago

Funny how the MI films seem to altenate good to bad

MI1 good

MI2 crap

MI3 great

MI4 terrible

MI5 potential

ironfist922240d ago

except the first two sucked and the latter two did much better critically...

alycakes2240d ago

The second one was crap but they only got better and better after that. I can't wait to see five.

MilkMan2240d ago

First, thank you for releasing teaser and proper trailer back to back not f%$$#@ years apart. Refreshing to see a teaser being just that and not a place holder.

Second this movie like ALL the others will kick a@@.
Each movie is of its time, hand picked directors and stories.
So keep making them Tom. We'll keep seeing them.