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10 Reasons Batman v Superman Can't Top Captain America: Civil War


Arguments between comic book fans tend to boil down to Marvel v DC Comics. That’s not what this is about though, as both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War are easily shaping up to be two of 2016’s most exciting movies.

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caleyforsythe2240d ago

batman v superman isn't going to top anything sadly.

RetrospectRealm2240d ago

I beg to differ. Superman and Batman are 2 of the top 3 superheroes of all time. Lol

Porcelain_Chicken2240d ago


10). Lack of history to the build up? Nowadays people need introduction movies to enjoy the main event which is kinda sad. Also no conversations in any MCU movie have set the stage or hinted at Civil War yet. AOU will but really that's enough, it's perfect there.

9). Solid Point. Although Scarlet & Mark haven't carried their own movie, yet.

8). Dafuq? It complains in point 10 how everyone has had history and introductions yet Batman being introduced here is bad? Also Aquaman showing up in a cameo in BvS and then an Aquaman solo movie later is bad but Black Panther doing just that with Civil War is good? Also for all we know Batman will just have a few flashbacks showing the Waynes die. A flashback isn't something i'd label an origin story.

7). So BvS will be bad because it's not being based on a comic like TDKR and merely inspired by it and carving out it's own story but Cap 3 is good because it's not being based on a comic like Civil War and merely inspired by it while carving out it's own story? I smell bull.

6). Solid Point?

5). Kinda hard to judge the stakes while we know very little about these movies.

4). Possibly.

3). Agreed. Kinda obvious though.

2). Could be. Although it's really kinda early. Trying really hard to grasp for those 10 reasons.

1). :l Cameos are good again!!!

LightDiego2239d ago

Well, i really want to watch both, the two Captain America movies are awesome, unlike Iron Man 2 and 3, for example.

deadpoolio3162239d ago

Someday you should get some anal cream for that butthurt over Mandarin, Iron Man 3 was just fine and better than 2....

Soldierone2239d ago

Batman is the most profitable character there is, and is the most well known. It took a while for Spider-Man to top him, then Batman took it right back with the Nolan movies.

Superman is also well known and a high grossing character. Combine the two and WB has the power of pretty much all the Avengers in two characters. Now get people excited for Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and a few others and that movie will easily top Captain A.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32239d ago

Fun fact: spideman outsells the next two popular characters combined.

And how could this article not reak of bias when we know so little about either film? Plenty of people doubted gaurdians would be a success.

Crazay2239d ago

I had full trust that Guardians was going to be something special because it was just different enough to be incredible. It had all kinds of wide scale appeal.

Crazay2239d ago

To be honest - I always considered Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Nick Fury to be 2nd or even 3rd tier characters in the Marvel realm (Hulk was always top level in my mind). It wasn't until these movies that I actually cared about them but Batman and Superman have always been my favorites with Spider-Man and X-Men coming after.

Soldierone2239d ago

They were. The only reason Marvel upped them is because they don't have rights to Spider-Man or X-Men (well they didn't.) So they went and made these characters more popular.

I remember when my local comic shops didn't even bother displaying Thor or Captain A, now it's right in the front. YET Batman is still everywhere, same with Spider-Man.

cell9892239d ago

Im pretty sure Spiderman is more lucrative than Batman. The comics alone are a lot more popular and followed than the ever changing Batman comics. Thats the key factor here, consistency. Marvel characters are constant, while DC characters have to be getting reboots and new writers all the time.

Popularity contest would say Spiderman is more popular, which is why a #1 issue of spiderman of the same grade as that of a #1 Batman is worth more money. Superman is still number one in value.

Now what about the rest of the cast? its Batman vs Superman against the LIkes of the very popular Ironman, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Bucky and the Falcon. This without considering that they will be riding on a massive hypetrain after Avengers 2 hits theaters, gaining even more exposure than DC characters have in the past 20 years

Soldierone2239d ago

I'm a huge Spider-Man fan, but Batman is clearly selling just as well if not better. At one point last year Batman had 5 slots of the top 10 best selling books. Batman the series has a top 3 slot every month, and Detective Comics pops in a lot, and the spin-offs sell well too.

Also turn to movies, Batman has made more with almost 2 billion dollars. Spider-Man is sitting at 1.5. (Domestic)

Spider-man normally has ASM in top 10 comics(and now Spider Gwen) but none of the other books sell well. Ultimate is never top 10, others were cancelled. Scarlet spider, spectacular, peter parker, mj's, stand alone Spider-Man, etc... (talk about ever changing)

Also Marvel is rebooting their whole universe soon, and rebooting a lot of stories, so there goes that argument lol.

In regards to the rest of your comment, as I explained above, those heroes were all "second tier" for the longest time until Marvel was basically forced to push them. There is a reason Sony and Fox purchased Spider-Man, X-Men, FF, etc... and not them. Talking about one companies big dogs facing off against some forced second tier characters. It's Captain America, not Avengers so it won't be the full line up either.

If they were talking about the first appearance of Spider-Man in Marvel's movies (which it very well could be) then I'd see an argument. In term of exposure, they haven't even released a teaser yet and people are still amped about anything they see from Batman vs Superman.

It's overall just a matter of opinion. I'll be seeing both, but I don't think it will struggle at all against Captain A.

Iamjack1232239d ago

I usually prefer DC movies to Marvel, but I must admit I'm much more looking forward to watching the new Captain America rather than the Batman Vs Superman movie..

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