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Helix “Mother” Review (Season 2 Episode 10) - TV Equals

TV Equals: This week, Helix took one step forward and two steps back. There were some fun moments with Amy and Julia, and one of the most ridiculous scenes that dropped Helix down a notch in my estimation. At the present rate, I have concerns about what a season 3 could look like—or if there will be one.

The search is on for “mother.” I don’t know why everyone goes along with calling a stick by this stupid name. Julia and Sergio want it. Anne wants it. Amy can’t find it. Who’s taken it? Quasimodo, aka Landry. Julia makes a deal with Amy that if she finds the stick, Julia will make her immortal. Of course, she doesn’t initially have any intention of upholding her end of the bargain. As Sergio observes, “The last thing the world needs is a forever Amy.” True that. Is there any many that she won’t grope?

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