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Gal Gadot Talks Criticism and Wonder Woman’s Powers

Robot Underdog

When she got the official notice she got Wonder Woman she was in the clouds. Literarily. She was on her way to a job in New York waiting for the answer.

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-Foxtrot2242d ago

Why is the guy making it out like the criticism was mainly because of her boob size. The main criticism is that she's far too skinny and is one of those woman who just wouldn't be able to put on the muscle (which we've all seen by the way). Then you have the fact she's a very poor actresses and she doesn't look like the character at all.

Oh but no...just make it about her boob size ¬¬

DC's casting never fails to amaze me.

Porcelain_Chicken2242d ago

You strike a fair point but alas we're on the internet. Her bust size was questioned faaaaaaaaaaaar more than anything else. I've seen more people question her lack of blue eyes than her acting prowess. This article is aimed primarily on those idiots. We won't know the answers to your questions until we see a decent trailer. Or since this will primarily focus on Batman & Superman, until we see her in the full movie.

"DC's casting never fails to amaze me."

Now quick Q. How would you feel if Affleck, Eisenberg & Gadot actually surprised? They did a spectacular job and absolutely nailed their respective roles and garnered praise from both fans and critics alike. Would you admit you were wrong? I mean i don't mean to go "there" again, but, bud you are judging this entire movie based on a few stills. We don't even have a shred of footage yet!

Baka-akaB2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

When you disagree with the casting to that level , not a lot can be done usually .

Sure you might in all fairness admit that the actor did great , but if you feel he or she is miscast , there it goes ... with of course exceptions .

See as an example , i actually love Sir Ian McKellen , and through no fault of his own , i'll just never be fan of his Magneto . He lacked power and charisma for me .

If Gadot nail her role and makes the movie entertaining , fine ... but i'll not magically pretend that she actually physically fit the role ... Nor that we traded getting a girl physically close , for some great acting talent instead .

As for your initial point , sure , there were truckloads of idiots with kneejerk reactions . But they sure conveniently out of their way to dismiss other comments and discussion .

They clearly veers toward dismissing possibly valid critics in the same swoop , making everyone believe that if you dont think Gadot is fit for the role after all of that excruciating training she is most likely getting through ... they just are "sexists pigs and perverts whom wanted boobs and ass"

-Foxtrot2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )


I literally can not add anything more then what you've just said. I mean honestly you've kind of summed and typed out what I think up better then I've managed to do in months.

Well done

I mean once you get that "vibe" or whatever with your first impression that's pretty much it. Sure they can impress you but if you still think deep down there could of been someone much better then you'll always end up knocking, whoever actually got the role, down.

Gal was just a terrible choice and as I've said if they wanted a crap actor who obviously got because she's cheap for a multi contract deal then I would of liked Gina Carano because she looks more like Wonder Woman.

Batman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, The Flash all could of had better casting.


"They did a spectacular job and absolutely nailed their respective roles and garnered praise from both fans and critics alike"

How do you what's legit though, I mean really. DC and Marvel has massive fanboys behind it which blinds their opinions most of the time.

I think some people care so much that a DC/Marvel character they love is on screen FINALLY that they don't care how they do performance wise. There love for that character is so strong that when they praise the actresses or actor deep down they are praising the character because they are finally on the silver screen.

"but, bud you are judging this entire movie based on a few stills. We don't even have a shred of footage yet!"

If you want to keep going there I can easily turn around and say how can you defend it when we don't even have a shred of footage yet

It goes both ways you know. I've not seen footage, you haven't so why is one opinion is allowed more then the other.

Porcelain_Chicken2240d ago


Alright, I can see your point. Great response and a fair point. If I had gotten this many responses as I did disagrees I'd be a happy guy. Thank you.


Nowhere have I really praised Gal. I'm a huge fan of all comics but I'm not a blind fanboy with his nose up a company's bum waiting to take a big wiff. That's just not me. I simply question as to why YOU think she is a bad choice. Yelling out "sh*t actress" [insert name of personal fantcast here] is not really a good response to my question. Baka-akaB's response up there was golden.^

Also hoping something is good before a shred of proof is only natural. It's called optimism I believe. Deeming something is bad without a shred of proof is plain ignorance. Not quite the same.

-Foxtrot2240d ago

"I simply question as to why YOU think she is a bad choice. Yelling out "sh*t actress"

That's all there is to say though, she is a shit actresses, no way to tip toe round that. I've even mentioned above that apart from being a crap actresses with no good roles behind her she also doesn't look the part. What else can I say or what else to do want me to say. They are legit reasons

"It's called optimism I believe. Deeming something is bad without a shred of proof is plain ignorance. Not quite the same."


So the opposite of optimism is ignorance, what the hell man really?

It's Pessimism, not ignorance. I really can't believe you've just said that

I could turn around and say that you being optimistic without a "shred of proof" is ignorance but I won't because it's simply not true. It's opinions

You've basically said

"If your first impressions are not positive then I think you are ignorant"

When really opinions should be taken good or bad, you should allow both sides, not call one side because you think differently


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Porcelain_Chicken2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

Looking back her resume' ain't impressive but presently it's doing just fine. Taking home the role of Wonder Woman, starring in a John Hillcoat movie, turning down the Ben Hurr remake and even Criminal sounding pretty damn cool really aren't noteworthy? I mean what's Gina Carano up to again? Also I find it interesting that Gal needs a great resume' to convince you but Carano gets a pass when you yourself have gone on record to say they are equally bad.

And YES the opposite of optimism IS pessimism. Hurray you figured out, I applaud your extensive knowledge but I wasn't talking about your outlook (which you called pessimistic not me) I was talking about your comment. It was ignorant. You can disguise it as an unquestionable, unjudgable opinion all you want but it it'll be just as ignorant then. And no I don't believe what I said was ignorant. Let me give you an example to help you grasp what is going on...

Woman offers two boys a cookie, both of which have no idea what a cookie is.

Boy number one hopes he enjoys the taste of the cookie.

Boy number two says the cookie WILL be terrible and doesn't even need to see it.

Does boy number one really seem ignorant to you? Did boy number one make any preconceived opinions on something he knew nothing about? No, he waited for his first chomp. At the end of the day boy number one may just be naive. But he ain't ignorant.

ironfist922240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

And they say chivalry is dead...

MilkMan2241d ago

Im going to see how she is magically enhanced by CGI. I know they will, cause WW is just a voluptuous woman one boob or not. Physicality aside, this young lady is not a great actress. She always made me cringe in the Fast and Furious films but then again those where fun movies, so I didn't care much. The attraction there was the cars and the fun. Now, shes front and center and unless her physical ed is coming with HEAVY doses of acting classes. I don't know WTF this WW is going to be like.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32241d ago

Id just like to point out that considering Wonderwoman's origins it makes sense to cast an actress from that part of the world; and no im not delusional enough to think that if she gains a few pounds of muscle its going to make her hoisting a dumptruck over her head any more or less believable. Once again we fund ourselves focusing on the less important aspects of a film because we want so badly to wave our index finger at the studios and say I told you so. At this point I don't think people will be capable of.enjoying the movie even if it turns out to be good, not with all this gamer gate nonesense going on.

TricksterArrow2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

Lynda Carter was pretty skinny too back in the day. I'm more preoccupied with Gadot's acting than her appearance, TBH. I'm all for her making me believe she IS Wonder Woman. Here's hoping...

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