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Why The Hobbit Fails Where The Lord of the Rings Succeeded

From Cinelinx:

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy drew to a close last year, and with the final piece of the puzzle in place fans can look at the larger picture for the films. Each film has divided fans, with some loving the adaptations and others loathing it. Personally, The Hobbit never reached the same potential, nor impact, as The Lord of the Rings despite featuring a lot of similarities and arguably bigger set pieces. Having thought on it for a while, I think I’ve figured out why Lord of the Rings worked where The Hobbit seemingly failed.

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ironfist922240d ago

I dont understand the hate towards these films, but I suppose I havent read the books so I cant offer a valid response.

Still, I found the Hobbit to be a fun set of films.

StarWarsFan2240d ago

I agree with you. The Hobbit movies are a nice set of films. There are moments I actually enjoy them more than The Lord Of The Rings because they have some lightheartedness to them.