The Best Glee Season 6 Episodes

TVOM: "Tonight, the curtains will close and the choir room lights will be turned off one last and final time as Glee airs its two-hour series finale. Throughout its six seasons, Glee has been quite the up-and-down show, as it saw its popularity reach incredible heights during its first and second seasons, before countless viewers drifted away from the musical series in the show’s later years. And while this final season has definitely not been the show’s best (we had to sit through two hours of whatever “The Hurt Locker” was), it’s still had some great individual moments and even some pretty strong episodes, ones that captured what was so wonderful about Glee when it first began. Since I did lists for the best episodes from Glee‘s first, second, third, fourth, and fifth seasons before Season 6 kicked off back in January, I’ve decided to take a look at the eleven episodes that have aired so far this year and give my thoughts on which hours were the true standouts before Glee‘s finale airs tonight (and for the record, I’m hoping that the finale, if I had already seen it, would make this list). These are the best episodes of Glee‘s sixth and final season."

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