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8 Horror Movies You Can’t Miss In 2015 Besides the relatively well-received Oculus and The Babadook, 2014 was a disappointing turnout in terms of quality horror movies. Optimistic horror aficionados are hoping 2015 can turn that smile upside down. Horror is a genre that’s nothing if not diverse; no matter where your niche interests lie, there’s something for everybody beneath horror’s umbrella. In 2015, Rob Zombie is making his goriest and most twisted film yet.

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pompombrum2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

All these horror sequels.. Is Paranormal Activity so popular that it warrants a fifth one so soon? And a sequel to Sinister, one of the best unique horror films I've seen in ages? It's no wonder my excitement for the genre is so low. I'm just thankful for Crimson Peak, that's a film worth getting excited about.

aDDicteD2236d ago

crimson peak, it follows and insidous 3 looks solid.

paranormal activity needs to stop producing sequels at this point.